Kitchen island designs make for great Easter eggs

Designed to be a little bit more intimate than traditional egg designs but still a good way to show off your creative flair, some Easter egg designs are designed to look like a kitchen island.

And while these are a great way to start your Easter celebrations, you could also make these designs even more festive by decorating the interior with Easter eggs and decorations.

Easter Egg Design Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Egg Design How to make an Easter egg design?

You’ll need: 1.

A 3D printer (you can also print the patterns yourself on the 3D printed model) 2.

An old egg 3.

A paper towel 4.

An Easter egg cutter 5.

A few Easter eggs to decorate the interior (such as the original white egg) How to print the pattern on the printer:  Go to and print out the pattern.

Cut out the egg on the paper towel. 

Place the paper towels inside the egg and use the template to trace out the design on the egg. 

Now it’s time to use the cutter to cut out the shape of the egg using a 3D model. 

This will allow you to print out a 3d model and then attach it to the design.

The cutout of the design will show where the pattern is printed on the model.

How to decorating an Easter eggs interior:  Place a few of the eggs on the outside of the kitchen.

These Easter eggs are also perfect for making an Easter card collection! 

Place a few eggs on top of the wall and decorate them with the Easter eggs design. 

These Easter egg decorations are really simple and fun to do, but can be very interesting to decorates with Easter decorations. 

You can decorate with a variety of Easter decorations including candies, marshmallows, balloons, etc. How to decor the kitchen island: Put a few egg designs inside the island. 

For a traditional Easter egg, use a paper towel to trace the pattern onto the egg as shown above. 

Then cut the egg into quarters. 

The quarters are where you can decorat with Easter decor. 

Print out a model of the Easter egg with the pattern you just cut out. 

Attach the paper and egg to the pattern and decorating your island with Easter egg decoration. 

If you’ve ever wanted to build a small Easter egg out of Lego, then this is a great opportunity to get started!

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