$10,000 Christmas nail design for the modern man

A $10k Christmas nail designer is the best way to show off your creativity, says Australian designer and blogger Matthew O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan is best known for his nail designs and for the “fancy” ones that go for $100.

“I’m not interested in trying to sell you anything.

I’m interested in making a great product,” he said.

He said his “fussy” designs were designed for a man who likes to keep a busy lifestyle and who is trying to maintain a level of comfort.

The design includes four colours, and three designs can be worn in a number of ways.

But the most popular one is a design that looks like a red bow on the inside, and which is a great way to add flair to a Christmas dinner or party.

“It looks like you’ve got the whole thing in one piece and then a bit of it is just a piece of cloth wrapped around the entire thing,” he explained.

A nail design can also be used to add a touch of personality to your home.

For example, a man can wear a design like the one above to highlight the front door.

“I’ve had some people tell me that if I had a really bad day, they’d put it in a bottle of vodka and put it under the sink,” O’Brien said.

“The red bow adds a little bit of style to your house, and the other thing you can do is make it into a little glass of wine.”

“It’s a bit like a mini Christmas tree, but instead of a tree, it’s a bottle.”

The design was inspired by a Christmas card from his son that featured a red dress and a red flower on the front.

This was one of the first designs he designed and, like most Christmas nail designs on his blog, he is keen to share it with the world.

“If you do a Google image search for ‘Christmas nail design’, you’ll see a lot of different designs, but I think the best ones are a little different,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“You can do things like a bit more of a classic Christmas design or something more modern and different, and I think that’s really what we’ve done.”

O’Brien has also written a book called Christmas nail art: A modern take on the classic, and has been featured on the ABC’s The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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