The best nail designs for the beach

It’s been a while since we’ve shared the top nail designs from around the world, but we’re finally back with the best.

We’ve chosen from the best of the best to share with you in this latest edition of The Jerusalem Prez’s Best Nail Designs.

Here are some of the nail designs we loved.


Eagle’s Eye This is one of our favorites from the first edition of our blog, and it’s now a staple in every girl’s bedroom.

The design is a great blend of retro and modern elements. 


Scooby-Doo the Movie – Scooby’s Garden This nail design from Scooby-doo the Movies is also a popular choice in the home.

The nail design is simple yet functional, and features the famous Scooby doll.


Ace of Spades This was a new design for us when we first started writing The Jerusalem’s Prez.

It was an eye-catching design, and a staple of any girl’s room.

It has become one of the most popular nail designs on the internet.


Bonesaw Another cool design by the artist Ace of Spikes, this is one that you’ll find in most girls bedrooms.

It combines elements of the ancient Greek mythology and medieval European design to create a design that is both timeless and playful.


Lily Pad The Lily Pad design is one we found particularly appealing.

It features a floral pattern and a classic white floral design.

This design has a beautiful, organic feel to it, and is a perfect match for any girl.


Hooker The Hooker nail design by designer Lulu Lee is a favorite for us.

It’s a classic, timeless design that you can see everywhere.

It makes a beautiful addition to any girl and makes a great gift.


Flowery Cushion The Flowery Cuff design by Flowers and Flowers is also very popular, especially in a girl’s bed.

The designs are simple yet elegant, and have a playful and whimsical feel to them.


Pineapple A great example of the Pineapple nail design, the pineapple nail design looks like it could be in the hands of a child!

The design features the classic pineapple shape and is made to look like a real pineapple.


Snow White This design is so beautiful!

It features the Snow White flower on a rose, and the flower is a white rose.

The shape of the design is quite whimsical, and also the perfect fit for any child.


Beau and Alice Another popular nail design.

The Beau and Annie design is similar to this one, except this time the flowers are a purple rose and the rose is a rose.


Kittens Meow A popular nail for a toddler or preschooler, this design has many children playing with it.

The idea is to have the children play with the design by doing tricks, and they get a little creative.

It also has a nice feel to the design, which is a nice combination of the old and new.


Raspberry Pie A cute and playful design for the bed, this cute design features a pink ribbon.


Peanut Butter Cookie A very classic design for girls, this peanut butter cookie design features bright colors and a cute little girl.


Starry Night This cute and cute design for kids is also available for adults.

The color scheme is a cute blend of white, pink, and purple.


Star Wars Darth Vader Another favorite design from Star Wars, this Darth Vader nail design features light blue, yellow, and green.


Mango Pie Another classic design from the classic Disney movie, this mango pie design is just as cute.


Nestle Cake Another Disney classic design, this Nestle Cake design is also another favorite for girls.


Coconut Pie This coconut cake design by artist Lisa Levene is also popular.

This coconut design features cute, simple designs with a fun twist.


Red Carpet Another adorable design for boys, this red carpet design is perfect for a kid’s room or a child’s bed in a family room.


Walking Stick A classic design by Lisa Levasseur, this walking stick design features lots of fun and playful colors.


Frozen This Elsa inspired design is another popular nail idea, and we’re sure this design will find a place in most homes.


Caramel A classic and classic design design, you can find a great balance of color, textures, and designs here.


Vampire’s Kiss Another unique design for a girl or girl’s party, this Vampire’s Kiss design features multiple vampires dancing around.


Pink Grapefruit Another

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