What the new GINA K phone case looks like

GINA — “Designer Baby” and “Designer Phone Cases” are not really words I would use to describe GINA’s phone case design.

The new designs are meant to appeal to a broader audience, rather than simply catering to an upscale segment of the market. 

The GINA phone cases are made from a new material that has been in development for quite some time, called polymer. 

It’s a polymer that has the properties of glass, a plastic, a thermoplastic and more, but is strong and lightweight enough to not only withstand everyday wear and tear, but also to be durable and flexible. 

A phone case that has all of these properties is not really a phone case, it’s a phone holder. 

“The purpose of GINA is to provide a safe and secure way for children to hold their phone, or to provide the ultimate protection from drops, scratches and other impacts that can happen while they are walking or interacting with a child,” GINA said.

“The phone case is designed to provide additional safety and security to children by protecting them from accidental falls and falls of the same nature.”

The phone cases come in several different sizes and shapes.

The newest sizes have a slim-line profile that allows the child to easily grasp the phone, while the standard sizes can be up to 15 inches long and up to 9 inches wide. 

(Image: GINA)In addition to the design of the GINA phones, the company has also developed a line of accessories, including a Gina Kids toy, a BPA-free toys, and baby accessories, such as baby diapers and diapers that are environmentally friendly and water-proof. 

GIF: GINA K Phone Case

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