4 of the best easter eggs found in games

Two of the biggest easter-egg discoveries from games such as Uncharted and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, both of which are being released in 2018, have been uncovered.

The first of the two easter Eggs that have been spotted in the two games was spotted by IGN’s own Sam Hulick.

The first easter Egg was discovered in Uncharted 4’s new location, The Beach, and was discovered by Hulik in a secret room in the map.

Hulick also noted that this easter was found in a room where players can buy items from vendors.

In that same room, there is a “Bash Bazaar” that can be accessed via the elevator.

The Bash Bazaar is a special shop where players could purchase various items, such as armor, swords, and accessories.

As for the second easter, Hulich was able to confirm that this was an “Easter Egg” found in Breath of The Wild’s new area, The Sea.

The Easter Egg in this location was a large, red sea turtle.

Hulsick said that there were several different ways that this Easter Egg could have been discovered.

There was a treasure chest in the Sea, and in one of the waterfalls, players could see a small, red sailboat.

Hulicky said that this could have possibly been a reward from one of The Sea’s NPCs.

This Easter Egg is a little bit more complex than the other two, as players will need to find and defeat a variety of enemies, including a boss, a pirate, and a giant sea turtle, among others.

The second easTER Egg, which was found by Hulsick in the Uncharted 4 area, was found through a secret door in the game’s new boss fight.

Hulsic was able also to confirm the location of this eastery Egg in Breath’s Sea area.

The boss fight takes place in the island’s central island, the Bazaar.

The boss fight in the boss fight is pretty easy, but the bosses are more difficult to defeat.

There are several different enemies that are very difficult to kill, including the boss of this Easter egg, the boss that appears as a boss in The Sea, as well as the boss from The Bazaar that appears on the island of Zootopia.

The third easter of the day has been spotted by Kotaku’s own Tom Ellis.

The third eastery, discovered by Ellis, was in The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, which is a new game in the series.

Ellis said that the easter is found in the new area of the new game.

Ellis was able see a large treasure chest, and he noticed that the chest contained an item that is a Treasure Hunter item, a bow that shoots a projectile.

Ellis also noted there was an arrow on the chest, which may have been an arrow thrown by Link in The Wind Walker.

Another easter found by Ellis was in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a game in which players can go out and find treasure.

Ellis had noticed that there was a Treasure Hunt, which involves searching through the map for treasure, and also found a treasure map that led players to another location.

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