How to create the perfect toe nail design

A toe nail has become the ultimate accessory, with designers everywhere dreaming up new designs.

This year’s edition of Design Week in Ireland saw designers from all over the country working to create designs that would appeal to a range of consumers.

The theme was the theme of “a toe nail for everyone”. 

It’s a theme that has been going on for a while, with shoe manufacturers creating toe nail designs for men, women and children.

The toe nail is one of the most popular ways of getting a foot on the ground, but for those looking for a different and more fashionable way to wear shoes, the toe nail can be a perfect addition. 

I wanted to show how to make a toe nail, and I’m going to give you the tips you need to create it.

Here are my tips: 1.

The best toe nails are not the ones you buy. 

You’re going to need to choose a toe that’s suitable for you and your foot, and then find a design that works for you. 

For example, a toe with an asymmetric shape can be quite tricky, and the best way to get a toe to look flattering for you is to choose one that has a narrow toe. 


Look for toe nails that look natural. 

Some designers are creating toe nails with a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. 

Try to find a toe pattern that matches the shape of your foot. 


Make sure you have the right size. 

If you’re not able to find an appropriate size, then you’re going into this with a foot that’s too big.

A size 8 toe can be more flattering than a size 4. 


The foot should be wide enough to cover the entire toe.

If you have a toe shaped like a round peg, it’s probably too big for you, so find a foot with a wider base, such as a 6-inch toe.


You can make a custom design. 

There are many ways to make custom toe nails, so choose a design you like, and try to make it as simple and as fun as possible. 


You’ll need to be careful with the size.

If you have an asymmetrical shape, you might need to make the design a bit wider than the shoe itself, so make sure you don’t go too big or too small. 


Try to have a good toe shape. 

The heel will always be the biggest part of a toe, so if you have too small a toe you’ll end up with a flat foot.

If your toe is too wide you’ll look like a big toe, and if your toe shape is too narrow, it will look like an extra large toe.

I found the perfect shape for my foot was to be about an inch and a half wide. 


The right shape of the toe is important. 

Make sure the toe shape you’re working with matches your foot size.

If the toe’s too wide, then it will end up looking too big, and vice versa. 


Find a design with the right amount of arch support. 

Many toe nail patterns are designed to have the heel arch in the middle of the shoe, so it’s important to choose the toe that works best with this. 


Make the design easy to put on and take off. 

Once you’ve made your design, it should look like this: Your toes will probably look pretty different on each of your feet.

If it’s the middle toe, it might be easier to get the toe on your toes if you start by making the design wider and then narrowing it down to fit the shoe. 

Check out my toe nail tutorial for more tips. 

This article is part of Designweek Ireland 2017, which runs from Monday to Friday.

If this was your first time, then please check out the Design Week Ireland 2018 and Designweek 2017 posters below. 

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