What you need to know about a new kind of ‘marble nails’

The Marlboro brand is changing how it sells nail art.

They are using plastic spheres to make the shapes.

And they are doing it for a good reason.

Plastic spheres are easy to recycle, easy to clean and have a long shelf life.

They also make for great gifts.

So the Marlboros, along with a few other nail brands, are going big on plastic spheres. 

The new spheres are made from a thin layer of plastic resin that has been soaked in chemicals.

Then, the resin is heated to produce a shiny coating that makes the spheres look like marbles.

The Marlies are looking to make their products more sustainable and recyclable. 

So far, the spheres have been used in a few nail salons in the U.S. and Europe.

The brand said the spheres are environmentally friendly and will last for many years.

They’ll also be made from environmentally friendly materials that won’t harm the environment. 

Marlboro also said the new spheres will help them sell more than just nail art to consumers.

They will also help Marlobans to increase sales and to sell more of their products around the world.

“This new product line is the culmination of years of research and development and has been the perfect match for the Marlier brand and the Marloers vision for sustainability,” said Matt Smith, Marlobeys senior vice president of global sales. 

“This partnership has allowed us to further our mission to reduce the impact of plastic in the beauty industry by providing consumers with a new, environmentally friendly product that is truly their own.” 

The spheres are being sold in about 500 stores around the U, UK and Australia. 

They are sold at Marlbo’s online store, the Marlies.com site, as well as in a couple of other retailers in the UK and Canada. 

There’s also a Marloba store in the Philippines, which will open later this year. 

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