Carolina Designs: The hoodies that have made the cut

Designed by Carolina Designs, a fashion house specializing in high-end, hoodie-inspired pieces, the designs are popular among high-profile celebrities, and the company has garnered a following among hipster bloggers.

The company recently released its first collection of hoodies in a year and has expanded to other countries including the United Kingdom and Canada.

The line has since launched in Japan and South Korea.

The designs feature a black silhouette, but the hoodies also have a variety of colors and prints.

A number of them are available in a range of sizes, and there are also an assortment of styles.

Some of the designs feature an intricate design of a cat, or an image of a woman’s face.

Other designs have the silhouette of a person standing on top of a tree.

The designs are made in Italy and the hoods are made by Carolina Design in collaboration with the company’s partners, which include Jil Sander, a London-based fashion designer and tattoo artist.

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