Google: The skull tattoo design has been approved by the NHS

The NHS is backing a skull tattoo designed by the UK’s largest tattoo artist, the skull tattoo artist who designed the tattoo for the BBC News website.

The tattoo is designed to highlight the skull in a message of respect and love.

The skull is represented by a red diamond and the letters A, B and C are written in the shape of a skull.

“It’s a message that says ‘I love you’ and it says ‘It’s OK to be angry’,” the tattoo artist said.

“And I know that’s a little bit weird to say, but it’s really powerful because we are all human and we are in this together.”

I know that you might be offended, but that’s the way it should be.”‘

I just want to be loved’Dr Naima Ghanem, who has been working with the BBC since 2008, said she was “very excited” by the approval.”

What I’m really happy about is the way they have chosen to express it.

“That’s not an unusual thing for us to do,” she said.

The skull tattoo was designed by British tattoo artist Dr Naimam Ghanemi.

It was inspired by Dr Ghanemis mother, who is deaf.

The BBC said the tattoo was commissioned in 2015, but the BBC did not identify the artist.

“As a result of the work, it was chosen for inclusion in the BBC’s annual report,” a BBC spokesperson said.

Dr Ghaneme, who works at the UK Tattoo Institute in London, said the skull was a common symbol of mourning for the country’s First World War dead.

“You see the skull on many different things, on a lot of different things,” she told ABC Radio’s The World This Weekend.

“For me it was just an image that was quite appropriate for what we were dealing with.”

The only problem was it was not being used on a very public display, and it wasn’t very well-received by the public.

“The skull is an important part of the UK tattooing tradition, which dates back to the 19th century.

Dr Naeem Ghanemo and her daughter, Naimah, are also the creators of the Tattoo Network website.”

We were just really excited to be given the opportunity to make it,” she explained.”

A lot of us who have been tattooing for a long time, have had a lot more success doing it in public.

“People have said ‘Well, why don’t you do it in the public?’ and I said ‘Why not?

It’s been done in public before’.”

It was something that we thought was a good opportunity to do it on a public display.

“The BBC also released a statement to the media saying the skull “is an iconic and powerful symbol of remembrance and healing”.”

The BBC has long recognised the importance of the human skull as a symbol of our history and the sacrifices that it has made,” the statement read.”

Over time the skull has become more and more common in our public spaces, but our desire to promote a more respectful and open tattooing culture means that we now have the opportunity for tattoo artists to choose symbols that reflect that in an artistic and culturally respectful way.

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