How to make cool shirt design ideas using 3D printing

Polygon has compiled a list of cool shirt ideas for 3D printer enthusiasts.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest designs, which have some clever 3D printed elements.

The first design on the list is called “Shirt of Life.”

It’s a bright, colorful design that shows off the fact that it’s made of two layers of polycarbonate.

It’s the same material used in the popular T-shirt that features a cute little kitten and a quote from Neil Young’s classic song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

It also features a sticker on the front that reads, “I’m the happiest person alive.”

That sticker also says, “Haha.”

It has a little smiley face and the words, “Totally Fun.

It has to be.”

A more colorful, more colorful version of the shirt is called the “Warped” and it shows off an old, yellow and green design from the original Star Wars.

This design also features the quote from the classic song, “Darth Vader.”

“A whole bunch of cool cool things,” the 3D print shop owner said of the design.

“But this is my favorite shirt.

It shows off everything.”

A few others are also on the cool shirt list, including “Whew,” a design that’s the kind of thing you could wear on the bus and in the shower.

It includes a little red glow-in-the-dark strip that’s meant to be placed on the outside of your shirt.

You can get a closer look at the 3d print shop’s cool shirt collection below:

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