Design studio xbox designs new home for male-only lab

A design studio in Sydney, Australia has announced it will host a male-friendly lab for male users.

The “xbox design labs” are designed to help men work out their gender identities by simulating the human body, which is not only more comfortable but also more flexible.

The studios aim to help male gamers learn about their body and sexuality.

“The xbox is a very powerful platform that enables us to explore and explore our bodies,” director Tim Taylor told ABC News.

He said the male-focused lab was designed to “help men discover their gender”.

“It’s the first place where men will actually be able to work on something they really care about and feel comfortable with.”

Mr Taylor said the aim was to create a space where men could be “present, not hide, but to be a part of the work and the conversation”.

“For a lot of men, the idea is to feel comfortable in the workplace, and they are not comfortable doing that at all, and that’s a shame,” he said.

“It is the only place where they can do that.”

The first two xbox designers at the new lab will be male, and the other three will be women.

“We are very much in a space that we think is a safe place to be, and where men can be really themselves and express themselves and feel valued in the space,” Mr Taylor said.

The men’s room will feature a desk with a mirror and a “realistic” looking mirror.

There will be a “broom” and a shower for those who prefer a more intimate setting.

There are also two “men’s bathrooms” for the men and women.

Mr Taylor described the new spaces as a “gift” from the “male gaming community”.

“This is not just about gender, but also about diversity and representation,” he told the ABC.

“If we can help people get there from the start, then I think we are all on the right track.”

In addition to the male spaces, there will also be two female spaces, one for women and one for men.

Ms Taylor said he was hopeful that the new studios could eventually expand to include other “gender nonconforming” groups, including gay and bisexual men.

“I am excited to work with people who want to participate, because we’re seeing a shift in the gaming community to a more diverse and inclusive place,” he explained.

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