India is not the first country to make flowers nail designs, experts say

A new breed of flower nail design has been born in India and has attracted attention from some of the country’s top designers.

A few years ago, I was a young, inexperienced designer.

And I wasn’t interested in flowers, but rather the concept of a “nail that doesn’t leave a mark”. 

I started my own nail company, Nailcraft.

We are a small nail polish company in Bengaluru, and our goal is to make beautiful nail polish for the ladies of India.

The first nail polish in India, Nails & Laces, is a nail polish that’s a shade of pink and a shade darker. 

This nail polish is made with an innovative method of applying a thin layer of clear nail polish over the nail.

Nails are then dipped into a clear acrylic gel and are then layered. 

The process takes about a week, and the product can be applied to a wide variety of nail types.

Nail polish is very popular among the young generation in India.

A second nail polish, Nils & Lace 2, is slightly darker and more vibrant than the first one.

Nils is one of the oldest nail polish brands in India – its founder, Satyendra Dutta, is 60.

And both of these nail polishes have gone on to become popular in the West.

Nels & Lacs are not limited to India.

A third nail polish called Nils Nail 2, has a shade lighter than the other two.

It is also a nail care product, and is sold in a range of nail polish shops in the US and the UK. 

“The nail design is the main selling point of this nail polish,” says Duttya.

“It’s an alternative to other nail polish products.”

The brand is known for its nail polish formulas that are extremely thick, and it has a huge following.

“It has become a big hit with young people,” says Nils co-founder and CEO, Satish.

“Young people are getting really excited about nail polish.”

Duttyas company, the first nail company to make nail designs in India was founded in 2013, and was initially sold in an online store.

But in 2016, the company was taken over by Satyendas co-founders.

The company was sold for about $30 million in 2016. 

Satiyendis co-Founders also founded Nailsmith and Nails, which was a nail nail design company. 

It was launched by Satish Duttas, and Satyesh Duttapas.

Nitesmith is now a part of Satyendaal Duttaras firm, Nilesmith, which has been operating for the last two years. 

Nailsmith is an Indian brand which is not only a nail product but also a fashion brand.

Its designs have been created in-house, and their products are available to all. 

There are many nail designs for the Indian market, says Satyadh, Satiya and Satish, who are the owners of Nailscraft. 

When Nails were launched, it was a different world to what we live in today.

“There was no social media back then,” Satyad says.

“And there were no big brands to market to. 

In the early days, it didn’t have the same level of marketing power that it has today.”

Today, Neesmith has sold over one million nail polish products in India to retailers. 

 “It’s been very successful.

We have seen a surge in demand from young people in the country,” says Sati, who has also been a designer for the past 15 years.

“We have also seen the trend towards lighter nail colors.

People are getting interested in a lighter shade of nail design, and we are seeing a lot of people getting their nails done with Nils.” 

It is the popularity of Nels that Sati says has pushed Nails to launch a range, including the Nails of India brand. 

Satyadh says it is Satyash Dutte’s love of nails and design that has helped make Nails so popular.

“I wanted to bring more nails to people and make nail polish as a fashion accessory,” he says. 

Dutte also thinks Nels has the potential to become a major brand in the Indian nail industry. 

He believes the popularity and success of Nesmith is partly due to the fact that the brand is very affordable. 


Nesmouth is also very accessible.

Narsmith is very well known,” says Shreya, a 27-year-old entrepreneur who has a passion for nail design. 

Shreya is a graduate of the University of Lucknow, and works in the IT industry.

She was inspired to start her own nail salon after seeing an ad in the newspaper about a nail salon in India where she would work with the staff. She

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