What to watch for in the NFL’s Week 3 matchup with the Vikings (9 p.m. ET on ESPN)

Week 3 schedule and games to watch: 1 p.l.

Saints at New Orleans Saints: The Saints are in New Orleans to face the Saints on Sunday night.

The Saints lost at home to the Colts in Week 1, but they’ll be back to their home base on Sunday with a win over the Saints.

The teams played to a 13-10 tie in Week 2.

The Patriots beat the Colts 27-23 in Week 3.

3:10 p.k.

Bears at Detroit Lions: The Bears will be in Detroit to take on the Lions on Sunday.

Chicago was shut out of the playoffs last season by the Packers, and it will be looking to bounce back in Week 4.

It was also the first time the Lions had lost in the playoffs since 2009.

4:20 p.h.

Panthers at Denver Broncos: The Panthers will be facing off against the Broncos in Week 5.

The Panthers were the second seed in the NFC West last season and beat the Seahawks in Seattle in Week 8.

The Broncos have lost five straight games, and their last victory came in Week 11.

4 p.t.

Panthers vs. Ravens: The Ravens will face the Panthers in Week 6.

The Ravens beat the Browns in Week 9, and they won their third straight game against the Browns, who were eliminated in the first round of the postseason.

5 p.c.

Saints vs. Raiders: The Raiders will face off against a New Orleans defense that had a combined win total of 16 in Week 7 against the Titans and 49ers.

6:05 p.i.

Bengals at Detroit Browns: The Bengals will be playing the Browns for the first win of the season.

They’re coming off a loss to the Texans in Week 12 and lost to the Browns and Texans in Weeks 15 and 16.

6 p.p.

Bears vs. Bengals: The Vikings will be back in Minneapolis to face off with the Bears on Sunday, and the Bears are playing the Vikings for the third time in four weeks.

The Bears were the top seed in last season’s NFC North but lost in Minnesota.

7:30 p.y.

Ravens at Packers: The Packers will be coming off their second straight loss to a Green Bay team that was a top-five pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

They won at home against the Vikings in Week 10.

8 p.b.

Browns at Patriots: The Browns will be going to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Week 13.

The Browns lost their first game of the 2017 season in Week 16 and were eliminated from the playoffs in Week 17.

9 p.a.

Lions at Dolphins: The Lions will play the Dolphins in Week 14.

The Lions have a win total on the road of 21 and lost their season opener in Miami.

10 p.d.

Ravens vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will face each other in Week 15.

Rodgers is at home, but the Ravens are back in Chicago for the season opener.

11 p.f.

Browns vs. Colts: The Colts will be traveling to Indianapolis to face a Cleveland team that is coming off an impressive win in Week 18.

11:05 a.m., Monday Night Football: Bengals at Steelers: The Steelers will be getting a chance to close out their season on Sunday against the Bengals.

They’ll be playing on a Thursday night at home in Pittsburgh, and in their past two games, they’ve lost at the Steelers.

11 a.y., Monday Morning Quarterback: Jaguars at Colts: Matt Ryan and the Jacksonville Jaguars will play on a Monday morning.

12 a.p., Tuesday Morning Quarterdown: Bills at Steelers.: Bills fans will be hoping to get a chance at a win on Monday.

The Bills are currently tied for third place in the AFC East.

12:30 a.w., Tuesday Night Football, 7 p.r.: Colts at Jets: The Jets will be at home on Monday to face another AFC East team, the Colts.

The Jets lost their opening game at home.

14:30 an.m.-11 a.t., Tuesday night football, NFL Network: Jets at Patriots, AFC East: Patriots at Jets, AFC West: Jets vs. Patriots, NFL.com: Patriots vs. Jets, NFL: Patriots @ Patriots, ESPN: [email protected], NFLN: Patriotsvs.


The game will be played on ESPN.

14 a.b., Wednesday Morning Quarter, NFL Live: Dolphins at Bills: The Dolphins will be on a Wednesday night game against Buffalo.

They are currently in the middle of their worst stretch in recent memory, losing four of their last six.

11-10: Steelers at Ravens: Steelers will play Ravens on Thursday night in the same spot that they were playing on Wednesday night last year.

The Steelers are tied for second in the East at 2-2, and have won their last two games. 1110 a.d.,

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