How to design a backpack with the power of science, by designer Alex J. Smith

The designer behind the latest backpack has created an ingenious tool for scientists to take their science with them when they leave their house.

The SmartShirt is a lightweight, reversible backpack with an LED light and a compass that is able to be hidden by the user’s clothing.

The backpack is made out of a lightweight fabric that is made to last and has the ability to be opened up to reveal a compass and other tools.

It can also be opened to reveal its contents to the user.

It can even be used to store small electronics.

The designers said the backpack is an excellent way to help the public better understand science, particularly if they are going out on a long journey.

The design, which was showcased at the annual London Science Fair, is available for pre-order at the designer’s website and is priced at $149.

It is being sold by the designer at $299.

In its design, the SmartShirts main purpose is to help scientists to study their surroundings, so it is easy to put on the smart sweater and have it hidden from view.

There is also an LED, compass and compass with a GPS sensor to help you keep track of your progress.

You can buy the Smart Shirts online or in stores.

You can order yours now and receive them on January 19.

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