Nails Design Essentials – Designer Durags

Designer Durag Durag has been one of the most exciting designers in the world for many years.

The first nail artist of a nail salon, Durag was inspired by his favourite designers and began to paint his own nails in his spare time.

Since then, Durags style has evolved, and today he is still creating beautiful designs that are both affordable and unique. 

“The first nail salon I worked in was in the US, and the first salon I started working at was in Australia,” Durag told DesignWatch.

“It was the first time I saw the colours I loved and I felt it was my duty to create a nail art that was unique.

I started to create designs that were very similar to other nail artists, but with a different look and feel.” 

“I think my inspiration is very important for me.

I think it helps me to be creative, to think of things and not just what I see in my mind.

So I feel like I have a responsibility to create nail art with that.

I have to be aware of my own vision.” 

 One of Durag’s favourite trends is the use of colours.

“I think a lot of the time when we see a woman’s nails we think of the color purple.

It’s the colour that the artists paint them in,” Duragi explained.

“But I think a little bit of colour in nails can be very appealing, especially when you’re not wearing a lot.

I can paint purple nails and it’s not just because of the colour, it’s also because it is a shade of purple that’s easy to paint.

So the more I paint purple, the more appealing it is to me.” 

Durag was born in India and moved to Australia when he was just four years old.

Today, Durang is the founder and owner of Durags, a nail design salon that specializes in affordable designs that appeal to all ages and tastes.

He also has a portfolio of nail art designs. 

Duragi says that while some nail art styles are unique, they’re not always the most creative.

“There’s a lot to be said for something simple, like a simple nail design,” Duragan said.

“A lot of people can be a little creative, but sometimes you just want to be a lot more simple.” 

Nail design is a craft that can be really fun and rewarding for Durag.

“Nail art is my passion,” he said. 

For Durag, it is about using the nail as a canvas, a canvas that he can draw on and create designs on.

“Sometimes I’ll paint on something very simple and then I’ll take a little more thought and look at what I’m doing and see how I can do more,” he explained. 

What do you think of Durg Durag?

Is nail art more fun than you think? 

Do you have a favourite style?

Do you paint purple?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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