How to get the best salary for your design job

When choosing a job, you need to take into account the salaries of the people in the organisation, as well as the work that they do.

It is also worth looking at the work you are expected to do.

A great example is Louis Vuitton’s Designer Handbags Sale, where employees can buy designer handbags from the retailer for $1,500, or $1.9 million.

This is the lowest possible salary for an employee in the fashion industry, with most brands paying in the region of $1 million.

Another example is the $7.4 million salary paid to the head of the design department at Adidas.

This figure is significantly lower than the average salary of designers in the industry, who typically make $13 million or more.

The best way to know how much your job is worth is to look at your pay cheque.

The amount you receive depends on how much you work, how long you have been working, and your position.

It will also depend on your experience level, which means you should not be looking for a particular salary that is going to pay you a lot more than the market will allow.

This article is based on research by Jools Holland, managing partner at Creative Agency and CEO of L’Oreal Paris.

He was recently featured in a French TV documentary on the subject of salary negotiations.

Find more news from Jools on the Creative Agency website and on Facebook.

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